Hi, my name is Keith Wilkinson  I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England and I work for a small property company owned by my family.

I am also developing my life as a Psychic and Spiritualist Medium.

The following words are taken from pages of the book of my life. A book that will forever remain open to all who wish to read it.

Keith Wilkinson   July 2003

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I was born in nearby Bradford where,with one exception, I lived until 1989. My childhood was very happy as I had, and thank Heaven I still do have, very loving parents. My Dad was a plumber when I was born, but by the time I was in junior school, he had changed a spanner for a tape measure and become an Estate Agent. My Mum was a housewife. She was the one in the family who had the 'gift'. Mum could foresee things happening, before they did, mainly through symbols or visions in dreams.

Neither myself, nor my siblings, believed that any of us would have any form of Psychic or Mediumistic ability following Mum's announcement that " The gift jumps a generation. Therefore your children may have it, but not you", with that knowledge we just left Mum to 'get on with it'

I attended one of the local grammar schools but I left school at 16 without any qualifications. I suppose I did a lot of the things that teens, 20's and 30's males do. I became interested in drama and acted in a number of plays mainly through the encouragement of a lovely lady whose name was Vi Parkinson, I did at one time want to make it my profession, but my Dad talked me out of it. I next turned to music as a way of expressing myself. I played guitar and was the singer in a few local bands. Later I sang solo. As with all boys-to-men, I chased girls ( some even let me catch them        ),  hung around with the 'gang', went dancing, to the pub etc. etc. .....I feel that I was a typical extroverted youth and later man, and certainly did not 'feel different'.

I was never 'religious', as with most people today in all age groups, I left my religious beliefs to the bottom of the list of important things in my life. Yes I did believe in God, but no, I did not attend church except for weddings, christenings, etc. I just believed that He walked with me and patiently waited for me to speak with Him ( always when I 'needed' something of course.......does that sound familiar ? )

During my early working life my employers were all property companies or estate agents, with a couple of exceptions. I married my first wife whilst still in my teens, but sadly that ended in divorce 4 years later. We had a son, of whom I am still very proud of even though he has had to face and conquer his own 'problems'. By the time I reached my late twenties I was working for my father's company. As I turned the page into my 30th. year I became increasingly restless, so much so that I 'dropped out' for a few months to live in Madrid-Spain to study the Spanish language. Something I still speak reasonably fluently.

I married my second wife in 1993.

We divorced in February 2001 after a separation of just over a year. We have 3 children (one adopted). More on that later.



I am 5'9" tall with dark brown hair,of slim build and I am considered a deep thinker and intelligent. I like to dress for the 'occasion' therefore it is important to me to be always of smart appearance. I believe in honesty at all times and I always tell the truth ( I have been known to fib about my age at times though and the speed of my car to policemen..... but don't we all? )

I have high standards which I apply to myself, and a strong belief in what is right and what is wrong. One of the lessons that I have learned in the recent past is, you cannot teach people to think and behave the way you do.....they already should do it!

My star sign is     Leo      ( 5th. August )    for those who must know, and I believe that I have all the good traits of that sign, and not many of the bad ones.

My interests include my children (of course), most types of music , theatre, live music, using my brain to solve problems, dining out, the countryside , travel, investigating Spiritualism, certain esoteric things, and above all else .......people.;..with a capital 'P'. I am also just beginning to be interested in poetry , some words really touch me and have been known to bring tears to my eyes , a truly wonderful experience (you will find a selection in Some Of My Favourite Verses ).

I strongly believe that in this life we all have a soul mate. I am not sure if I have met mine yet, and at times I wonder if I ever will, but she is out there of that I have no doubt. Perhaps one day she will read this...... who knows?

Yes I suppose you could describe me as a romantic type of person. I am not afraid to show my feelings ( strange in a man, I know ) and if I care about anyone they will know it through my words and actions .

As I have said earlier, I also believe in God, I am not 'over the top' in My Beliefs. I just believe.However I would like to say that if my close friends were to hear me described as a 'religious' , they would fall on the floor in hysterical and uncontrollable laughter.


 ....sorry.......but my silly sense of humour does get the best of me at times.

Nothing could be further from the truth........Irreverent is a word most used to describe me.Yes I have my own beliefs and I would hope that others give to me the same respect that I give them for their beliefs. I do NOT want, nor am I looking for, 'converts' . I hope that you, the reader, will understand that.

It is funny but a friend said to me a while back about religion. "Keith, religion is like a train ...we are all on it and going in the same direction, just some of us are in different carriages".........Now that made me think.

OK, now to continue.......


Following my traumatic ( and it was ), separation from my second wife and children, in early January 2000 , I started to attend Spiritualist churches in my area. Not to get a 'message' though in what I perceived to be my 'hour of need', it was just that I needed to be nearer to my God and to ask 'Him' most humbly for 'His' help. I asked 'Him' to please return my family to me. You see there really was no other person I could turn to for help.

Of course I still went to 'normal' church on Sunday morning, but I felt cheated that I could not visit 'Him' in 'His' house and beg 'Him' for help during the week. All that changed when I discovered that my local Spiritualist churches opened during the week, and even on Saturdays, for services. It was also another way of getting out of the house, a house full of memories of the family that I had lost.

During the first weeks of my attending church, I started to become interested in Mediumship.I even went so far as to join an 'Awareness Class' which was a way of introducing people to communication with the world of the Spirit (it was also another way of filling some of those lonely hours) to learn more.

In early February 2000 I picked up a brochure at my nearest church, for the:-

The Arthur Findlay College

Stansted, Essex, England.

This is a school founded by a leading Spiritualist many years ago for the study and development of Spiritualism, and Mediumship in all it's forms. Knowing that I needed a break from all the sadness that was around me, I decided to go on one of the courses as a sort of 'holiday' .

Prior to arriving at the college I thought that I would be attending lectures on Mediumship and Psychic abilities, how wrong I was. The courses are structured in such a way that students totally participate in all things. The first day at the college I was asked to give 2 people a 'reading' or 'private sitting', one face to face, the other using cards. I nearly fainted when they asked me to do it. Well, to my utter amazement I did do what I was asked to do, and participated in many other wonderful things that week.

My development as a Spiritualist Medium continues today and will continue until it is time for me to leave this Earth bound existence.

May I say this to you the reader. One of the very few places where Mediumship can be developed in this country is in the Spiritualist churches. I fear for those churches as due to apathy many are on the verge of closing. If they do, where will the Mediums of tomorrow be trained, or will our gift die with us? If that is to be so, what a terrible, terrible thought.



My Spiritual journey commenced at the end of 1999. The journey has been very hard, and at times frustrating. I have, on the way, lost a home, the companionship and contact with my children who I no longer see every day, but only weekly, and I divorced a wife who at that time I loved with all my soul. I have however met many very wonderful people on the way of whom many I now call friend. I look back at who I was  all those years ago, and who I believe I am now, and I am shocked at the change in me. As the Knight would know. To hone a sword, it must be placed in the fire many times, taken out and then beaten into shape before it is worthy of battle. That is how I have felt as the Spirit has tested my Spirit during these last few years. I do hope that I have not been found wanting.

I know I am still seeking to be the best 'ME' I can be, it isn't easy, and yes it is lonely road that the Medium walks. But I will succeed in finding the person who I believe I really am. I just know I will........please wish me luck.


With my Mediumship I want to make a 'difference' I want to be the best I can possibly be, so that I can help others. You see I was that 'lost soul' in church in the 'dark days' of 2000. That person with the haunted eyes that said "I have no hope". I want to help as I was helped. To give hope. To make a.......well .....a 'difference' would be the correct word.......I cannot describe it in any other way.

To that end I spend the major part of my spare time developing the gifts that my loved ones and friends in the World of Spirit have given me. I currently demonstrate my Mediumistic abilities of clairvoyance,clairsentience, and clairaudience taking church services with another Medium named Jane and occasionally I give private readings. I also spend time blending with the Spirit World to develop the trance state, alone and also with others in a small private circle. For those who are a little puzzled by my explanation, I hope that you have the time to read my page on the different aspects of Mediumship entitled Mediumship Explained.

I have expanded my Mediumship out of the churches I serve (where fewer and fewer people seem to go), and into public halls and licenced premises and it is my intention to do this more often. In fact to go anywhere where people gather just to help bring comfort, hope and guidance to people who would never ever 'dream' of going to a Spiritualist church.

Thank you for reading my words. No doubt in the future I will add to them.

Before you go, I would just like to wish to you, and all those people who you love and hold dear, the love light and happiness that only your God can give to you.

The music playing is called 'The Dance'. If you know the song then you will understand when I say that in part it represents how I feel about my life, and how I have lived it .

Keith - September 2003

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