I will attempt to explain to you the reader some of the various forms of Spirit communication, or Mediumship.
Firstly I would like to explain what exactly a Medium is. A Medium is as the title implies, medium of communication between this our material world and the next world or Spirit realm. I do not want to go into detail on this page of what happens to our own Spirit when we make the transition from this world to the next, as I intend to publish another page on the subject, but all I will say is Mediumship is a direct communication between one soul (our Spirit) in this dimension and another soul (Spirit communicator) in the next. In other words Spirit talks to Spirit.
The communication is usually a one-way thing. A bit like having a telephone conversation with someone and finding that the dial and microphone on your apparatus does not work. The Spirit communicator decides when and if, he or she will start the conversation. Many times I have heard people say to Mediums "Can you ask my Grandma to tell me …so and so." Their Grandma may indeed give information to them via a Medium but only when she decides. We cannot just call up and ask them things. We have to wait for them to contact us. Of course during a private sitting or from a platform in a church or public hall, the person's Grandma may start to communicate via the Medium. At those times the Medium can ask questions of the communicator, however they may not be answered.
Below I will list the various types of Mediumship each with a brief description and example.


Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience.

These 3 are the most common forms of Mediumship, and the type of Mediumship that you will see demonstrated in churches, halls, or during private sittings. All are called Mental Mediumship.


Many people wrongly call Mediums clairvoyants, and whilst it may be true that the vast majority have this gift, it cannot be said for all. Clairvoyance means clear seeing. The Medium either 'sees' the Spirit communicator in his mind's eye, which we call seeing subjectively or alternatively with his actual eyes as he would see you or me, which we call seeing objectively. Many Mediums I would add, have more than one gift.


This means clear hearing, and again the Medium can hear subjectively which means he 'hears' thoughts in his mind just as you and I would if thinking about something. However the medium has been trained, to differentiate the difference between external 'voices' and his own thoughts. The Medium may also be gifted to hear voices objectively. This means he hears voices as if someone were speaking directly into his ear. When a Medium demonstrates this type of Mediumship the 'voices' are so clear and real to him (not heard by others) that he or she will possibly answer the 'voices' and converse with them as if in normal conversation.


This means clear feelings or sensing, and is the receiving of feelings and sensations that the Spirit communicator conveys to the Medium in a physical manner. The medium may feel a sensation in a part of his body that may represent
an illness that the Spirit person suffered from whilst on this Earth. The Medium may smell or taste things to convey perhaps the Spirit persons habits (i.e. the taste of tobacco to represent someone who smoked cigarettes etc).

You may see Mediums advertised as Psychic Artists. This is where the Medium clairvoyantly sees the communicator and paints or draws them.

All three of the above forms of Mediumship are demonstrated daily in churches and halls around the world.
The following forms are not demonstrated in open meetings but rather at a séance (French for a meeting) where the onlookers are aware themselves of that which the Spirit communicator is attempting to convey. Whilst the first in the list is considered by some to be a form of Mental Mediumship as in the previous illustrations, Trance Mediums do take on part of the Spirit communicator's personality which can include facial expressions and hand movements. Because this can be seen by onlookers then I consider it to be a Physical form and therefore Physical Mediumship.


This form of Mediumship as in the following examples is not common, and therefore can be misunderstood by many people.
There are many degrees of Trance communication, from the light overshadowing of the Medium who in a passive state may cause him to address a meeting with philosophy, which has been placed in his mind by the Spirit person, to deep trance and full control by the Spirit.
The word 'control' conjures up all sorts of visions of possession by Spirit people (many of whom are evil if you follow the current Horror movie genre), however nothing could be further from the truth. Control means a voluntary blending of the mind and energies of the Medium with that of the Spirit person or 'control'.
To the onlooker at a séance the Medium just appears to sit and go into a deep meditative state. This is to allow the consciousness of the Medium to move out of the way and allow the personality of the 'control' to move to the forefront. The 'control' then would use the Medium's voice to make the communication. The accent of the Medium will be there in the forefront most of the time, however the inflections and personality of the 'control' would be more noticeable.
There is a deeper form of trance where the Medium is in a completely unconscious state, but this is more common when preparing for a physical manifestation.

You may hear about Spirit Writing or Inspirational Writing. These are words that are given to the Medium and which they write down. The former may be totally under the control of the Spirit person and may even be in the Spirit person's own handwriting, usually when the Medium is in a deep trance state. The latter may happen when the Medium is 'overshadowed' or in a very light trance state.


Physical Mediumship

We now enter a form of Mediumship that is not only unusual but in many instances very, very rare.
This form of Mediumship involves the onlooker as they can with their own sense verify the presence of the Spirit world. In it's lightest sense it may only be an odd sound in the room such as the sound of a knock on a door or wall etc (Rappings). It could be that a group of people with Mediumistic abilities move a table around the room by laying their finger ends only on the table. (Table Tilting) To a full blown manifestation of a Spirit person formed from ectoplasm which has been formed from within the Medium. Ectoplasm is a substance that to the onlooker is akin to the formation of a cloud like substance that leaves the body of the Medium in thick strands and at times from different exits such as the nose, mouth etc. This substance then joins together to from either a Spirit voice box in the air near to the Medium from where the Spirit communicator will speak (Direct Voice) or it may take the form of a Spirit communicator who wishes to make contact with someone in the room (Spirit Manifestation). Another form of Physical Mediumship, which is a little less rare, is Transfiguration. The Medium sits and takes on the physical attributes of the Spirit communicator. This may mean their face changes because an ectoplasmic mask has been placed over the face that forms the face of the communicator. The body shape may alter as will the voice to that of the communicator's. Most Physical Mediumship is carried out under red light and the medium sits in a black wooden cabinet. The cabinet is that colour as it has been found that it concentrates the energies better and makes the manifestation that bit easier for the Spirit world.
I wish to point out again that the latter 3 forms of Physical Mediumship are very rare and must be performed under strict conditions as it can be very dangerous for the Medium if he/she is approached or touched during the séance. It takes many years of sitting in development circles for the Medium to develop Physical Mediumship, and also great dedication.

One thing that has been told to some Mediums during the last year or so is that the Spirit world are attempting to bring this form of Mediumship into daylight . They are working with circles, who have been sitting to develop Physical Mediumship now for a number of years and I for one cannot wait for the arrival of that day.

I invite comments on the information on this page if you feel I have left out anything that you feel was important. I intend to return to this page from time to time to update it.


© Keith Wilkinson 2003