The Knight's Journal Part 4


The Prologue


The 'Hall' was how the Knight expected it to be, yet things were strangely different , a difference that he would only begin to understand in the fullness of time.

His search was now to take on a new meaning. His future path would be hard at the beginning but using the lessons from the past he would begin to welcome 'Pain' as a companion. 'Pain's' presence would signal that he was one step closer. He was to learn that it is the journey itself that mattered the most and not the reaching the end.

His reconnection with 'God' would guide him through the trials he would have to bare again, only this time it would be different, the 'Protectors' had plans .. plans that would release him from the pain of the past … and plans that would see the gentle Knight bloom into an earthly angel. One who aids others … one who will become a messenger for God's love … one who will, when he was least expecting it, WILL find the true love of his life.

He will find 'she' who he has searched for all his life, the 'Special' one.

For now it was enough for him to just 'be'. There would be time enough for new adventures in the New Year . Adventures which would bring new people into his life. Adventures that after his time of rest and healing, he would be ready to face … filled with new hope, courage and more strength than he knew he possessed.

This was both the end and the beginning ….. and oh what a bright new beginning awaited this gentle Knight!

The next part of the Knight's Journal now follows……


The Knight's Journal Part 4


The large oak door closes with a familiar thud as the Knight crosses the threshold of his beloved 'Hall'. The sound always brought 'Comfort' to be with him in the past and today was no exception.
Once more in his room he looks back at the conversations with the 'Protectors' that had brought him back to the 'Hall' one more time. He had struggled to speak with them, and at times he had felt that they were either not there alongside of him, or were just not listening or responding. At times the channel seemed to clear and he could communicate, but that ability was now more the exception than the rule. Because of the pain, and his need for healing, he was asked by 'Them' again and again to return, but each time he could not to hear.
Finally after months of speaking with the 'Protectors', the Knight 'heard' and agreed to once more make a return journey to that place. A place where the Knight could undergo a period of renewal, and also at a time when it was to be needed the most, to receive a visit from 'Faith'. A visitation that once more would help the Knight embrace both her and her brother 'Belief' again.

What the Knight did not know was that the pain he had suffered over the last months had been partly orchestrated by the 'Protectors' to be able to bring the Knight to a place where they could help him. It was all part of the complicated plan that was hatched so long ago by the 'Protectors'
The 'Nails of Pain' still were lodged deeply within his soul, and the Knight had to suffer the ultimate hurt and sense of loss, before they could help him. 'Desperation', someone whom the Knight mocked and loathed, had to be welcomed by the Knight before he could be saved.
Finally in the depths of despair the Knight embraced 'Desperation' as if an old friend and an audience was once more sought with his maker…….as usual the request was denied.

It was now time for the plan to save the Knight to start to unfold.

The bell sounded and caused the Knight to be startled. "It is time," he whispers to no one but himself.
During his conversations with the 'Protectors' he was asked to once more seek out the 'Oracle'. The bell now signalled his appointment with the learned one.
The Knight arises and follows the long passageway from his room which opens out into a magnificent winding stairway made from imported timber polished to a perfection. Below was the entrance to the 'Blue Room of Contemplation' where the 'Oracle' would be now waiting to grant him an audience. Knocking at the door he is bid to enter by a strong voice that seemed to reverberate around the empty corridors of the 'Hall'. The Knight opens the door, enters, and takes a seat opposite his advisor.

"Good day Sir Knight" greets the voice of the learned one. "It is nice to see you once again", the latter phrase causing the Knight a little amusement, as the man "If that is what I should describe him as?" muses the Knight, always spoke to him with both eyes closed.

"What can I tell you my friend?" continues the sage.
The Knight then recounts the bitter experiences of the previous months since he had last been in the presence of the 'Oracle' and asks why it had apparently affected his ability to communicate with the 'Protectors' and which now at the very least seemed to be difficult.
The 'Oracle' seemed for a moment to be a little exasperated with the good Knight. He retorted "There is nothing wrong with the communication between your loved ones and yourself, nothing wrong at all". Calming himself the wise one continues… "The problem is you and your recent past that has caused a door to close, and can only be opened from time to time until your injuries have healed. When you are happy with yourself and things in your life are calm, your communication with the 'Protectors' flows, but your recent life has caused a disruption in this flow which must be dealt with".
The sage continues….
"I will now recount to you some things that I wish you to know, very important things that you must remember. During the recent past you have attracted to you people, some of whom have caused you pain. Your vibration attracts people to you but they may not be compatible with you. What I am trying to say is that they may profess love for you but their desire to be with you may not be for the love I know you feel for them" Leaning towards the Knight as if to underline the point the learned one continues.
"You are a person who refuses to accept anything but the best, and this can create problems for you in life. One of your difficulties is that love can cloud your vision making you blind to reality; you must therefore learn to seek the Spirit within the person as well as that which is without. Seek the soul and really get to know the person. You must seek the 'one' in a Spiritual way. The heart and spirit vibration of that person must be compatible with your own".
"There is nothing you cannot conquer and although there may be pain and distress, it will seem as a blimp looking back at it all in say a couple of years from now. You must realise that all that has happened has been for a reason. All to help you grow into the person you are now." The sage goes quiet and still for a moment as the Knight digests what he has just heard, then he continues in a voice that to the wounded one seems to have strangely become louder and urgent in it's delivery.
" I now want to say something to you that is very important. Within the realm of the 'Protectors' there is an energy building, a vibration of love and that vibration is drawing near to you. I know not when that time will come, but I am assured that it will not be long before another woman will enter your life and that person will be one who you seek. Her vibration is at this very moment being felt by those in the Spirit world….this one will be very 'Special'. I do not know if she will stay forever, but I do detect that she will be a Spiritual person, although she may not necessary have a connection with the Spirit" As the learned one spoke those words they seemed to fill the room in a crescendo of sound, each word getting louder and louder in it's delivery. For a moment the room seemed to get brighter and to sway in the vision of the Knight. His head felt light and a strange feeling of euphoria passed like a thunderbolt through his now quivering body. His heart was suddenly beating faster and he could hear the beating within his ears and it felt as if it was growing in his chest. The heart of the Knight grew and expanded until it seemed as if it would burst out of his chest. Immediately a loud noise caused the Knight to turn around, as at that moment the door to the room burst open and in walked both 'Faith' and 'Belief'. Visible once more to the Knight. The Knight looked down at the floor and saw that lying there were the 'Nails of Pain', which had been ejected from his heart. The Knight collapsed into his chair where he sat exhausted for a few moments until composing himself he bid the 'Oracle' goodbye and left with his companions, to try and seek out his other companions 'Trust' and 'Hope' who the gentle one knew would not now be far away from his side.

The 'Keepers' on the 'Island of the Lost' could be heard to wail for many days after, knowing that the Knight would not after all be joining them….and the River of Life upon which the Knight travelled, now seemed to flow very slowly and had a calming influence on him as 'Peace' once more joined him on his journey.

Following his departure from the 'Hall' and during the 'Season of the Holly', the Knight was to meet a pure soul from over the hills in the land of New Hamlet who stayed with the Knight during the period of calmness that was around the Knight during this time and into the New Year. However 'Conflict' attacked the union causing this companion to depart from the Knight's friendship, and he felt the loss deeply but now knew that the visit from 'Pain' had to be welcomed instead of feared.

Another companion by the name of 'Triste' then briefly drew close to the Knight, but she allowed 'Distraction' to be her friend, and shortly left the Knight's side.

As the season entered the time of 'Hope and Planting' the Knight made a journey north to the Land of Cleves once more in the service of the 'Protectors'. There he again met the woman known as 'Flores' who had returned from her journey from the 'Bay of Sadness', and he greeted her as a friend. The Knight felt very strange. Here in front of him was a woman who he had loved deeply and who had caused him such pain, and yet he felt nothing but sorrow for her now. 'Flores' was now battling her own demons and dragons, and the Knight could not help her in any way. One such dragon named 'Fear' was constantly by her side, and she and only she could defeat him or surrender to the inevitable. The Knight kissed her cheek and wished that "Luck" always accompanied her on her journey as he departed from her that once and possibly last time. Yes they may meet again, but the Knight fearing for her could only ask her 'Protectors' who he knew were her deceased parents to watch over and try to guide her.

Once more all was calm in the brave one's life as the seasons passed through the 'Season of Warmth and Growth' and started to approach the 'Season of Cold, Death and Re-birth'…..a time that the Knight was going to remember for the rest of his life……

To be continued…..

© Keith Wilkinson 9th September 2003

With Special thanks to Wendy Morris and others for their input.