The Knight's story has no ending, only a new beginning and a touch of the unknown now enters his life.

The Knight's Journal Part 2

The tears of joy started to subside and the Knight sat once more for a moment musing. He thanked God for the 'word' in his Journal and then went back to the task of putting his armour away. His mind cast back in time to his long quest, and with God's 'word' ringing in his ear, he felt the hand of 'Comfort' on his shoulder and smiled for the first time in many months. What the Knight did not know was that in this time of 'Peace' he would find himself in great danger.
On his quest, the Knight being a warrior, would always try to influence events around him, that was the nature of the leonine beast. He would attempt to move mountains just so events could go the way he desired. Of course there were frustrations and disappointments, but the Knight stoically accepted them as defeats from which a lesson should be learned. However very dangerously there were lessons that the Knight failed to see, and he was totally unaware that a deep seated hurt was, over time, building up with him. The Knight's soul had been seriously injured with the Nails of Pain, and he was unaware of it.
You see the soul of the Knight was always pure and had a vast capacity for love. Unfortunately what the Knight did not know was that a 'Spell of Lethargy' had been cast over him by the 'Witches of Deception'. The Knight, during his quest, met many women from the 'Ordinary' tribe. Some of these women were not to be trusted, and it was these women who had persuaded the Witches to cast the Spell over the Knight. Because the Spell was powerful, he was quickly lulled into a sense of trusting within any relationship he formed with them. He trusted and believed all he was told by those women. You see the Spell made him blind to their lies and deceit. In the end the 'Protectors' had to step in and make the Knight see the 'Truth'. When 'Truth' finally visited the Knight and gave him the insight of reality, the Knight had to pay for the visit by receiving a grave injury. A Nail of Pain was driven deep into his soul.
Each time the Knight was betrayed, another Nail of Pain was driven into his soul, until one day the 'Protectors' decided that the Knight had been injured enough. The 'Protectors' needed to stop the injuries hurting the Knight further before his soul was lost forever , so they decided that the time for action was at hand. A complicated plan was drawn up in the other world, a plan so intricate that it would take a mind of only pure thought to unravel it's complexities. You see the 'Protectors' knew that the Spell that had been visited on the Knight, and also that the Nails that were within him would take a very long time to deal with. That was unless a major force could be directed at the Knight to shake loose the Spell and eject the Nails.The name of that force was 'Faith'.
Now 'Faith' lived very close to the Knight and would visit him on many occasions, but 'Faith' never stayed with the Knight for any period of time save a few fleeting moments. 'Faith' had a brother who stayed with the Knight a lot, he was called 'Belief', but he was not as strong as 'Faith' and therefore could not help the Knight in this his 'hour of peril'. You see events had taken a very serious turn. The Knight, because of all the past battles was losing his vision. He had started to become blind to the presence of either 'Belief' or of 'Faith'. Another terrible affliction was also standing in the wings and waiting to enter the 'Theatre of Tragedy' upon whose stage the Knight now walked, it was the loss of 'Trust' and 'Hope'. Two integral and important parts for the future growth of his soul. Without them his soul could never continue to grow and the Knight would eventually suffer a death within life. The shock of which may impede the Knight ever reaching Heaven and the 'Special' woman he sought.
The 'Protectors' had stood alongside the Knight when in the depths of despair of past times he had asked God to allow him to return home. 'Comfort' had once more placed a hand of upon his shoulder, and 'Love' had touched his heart with a gentle kiss, but things were not going to be easy from now on. The Knight needed to be helped, and very quickly before the 'River of No Return'

upon which he travelled, carried him away to the 'Island of the Lost' from which there can be no return.

There will be more........

(c) Keith Wilkinson 2002